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This e-book is the ultimate guide to starting solids and setting your baby up with lifelong health. read more

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Product overview

‘Tiny human, what do I feed you’ has been designed to educate and inspire you through the process of starting solids, making wholesome food for your tiny human and setting up your baby with lifelong health. Nutritionist Gina Rose shares her extensive knowledge backed by scientific explanations to help guide you in making the healthiest foods for your baby. This is an e-book so a copy will be emailed to you after purchase.

Topics include:
  • Learn the signs for readiness & the best time to introduce solids
  • Serving sizes
  • Spoon feeding & Baby-led weaning
  • Difference between gagging & choking
  • The best foods for your baby’s delicate digestive system
  • Preventing allergies & introducing top allergy foods
  • What nutrients are most important for your baby & how to get them in
  • Recipes containing the essential nutrients for growth & development
About the author

Gina Rose is a nutritionist, author, and mama to four tiny humans. Her mission is to educate and inspire all mama’s to make wholesome food for their children and set the foundations for a healthy start in life.


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